"Harden My Heart" || Slexie

The last 48 hours had been exhausting and stressful and left Mark and Lexie with a wild range of emotions. They ha gone from happy and excited to heartbroken and depressed. They’d lost the baby and Lexie didn’t want to talk to him about what happened. Just like always, when something bad happened she didn’t talk to him an it left him wondering how she was, what her thoughts were. Would they try again? Would they ever have kids whether adopted or not? How the hell had Lexie and Him gotten hurt again? What did the world have against them?

Mark had spent the day not at home. In the morning he tried his hardest to talk to her and comfort her. Of course he pushed her away so he decided that he had errands to run. Reasons to not be at home. In actuality he didn’t do anything. He just sat. There was a spot past Derek’s land a bit he enjoyed and he sat there all day, thinking and trying to understand why this had happened.

Walking into the apartment he saw her sitting there. It killed him go see her looking so hurt. So small and broken, and he had seen it too many times for his liking. “Hi Lex.” he said walking into the kitchen to get a glass of water.

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    Doing this his heart is breaking. It’s not what he wants. Not at all. Mark would like to just scoop Lexie up in his arms...
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    Lexie as soon as he pressed the kiss to the top of her head that he’d made his decision. Her arms fall limply back to...